Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation

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Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation at Polyramek Energy

Save Up To 35% on Your Energy Bills

We pride ourselves on getting a job done timely, professionally and thoroughly.  This is how Polyramek works and the testimonials on our website reflect this.  Our service is here to save you money in the long term by making your home more energy efficient meaning those energy bills a whole lot lower.

In short we build our service and reputation on the work we do for you.

Cavity and Wall Insulation

Did you know that having your cavity wall insulated, you could save up to £250 a year on your energy bills according to Energy Trust Saving!

You see, cavity walls are made of two layers.  A small gap is there which traps warm air between the bricks.  Insulating the cavity will reduce the heat lost between the walls.  So the heat doesn’t go anywhere and stays in the house, meaning your home stays warm.

So how does Cavity Wall Insulation work?

We simply inject insulation material into the cavity between your walls of your home.  Insulation effectively acts as a blanket to help heat from escaping the property.  All our materials are approved by BBA who are the UK body for approving and testing materials used across the country. Polyramek Energy is accredited by BBA.

So what happens to my home and the benefits of cavity wall insulation from Polyramek Energy?

Cavity wall insulation in essence reduces heat loss which is invaluable during those long winter days.  You save roughly 35% of your energy bills and up to £250 per year.

  • Work can be done in less than a day meaning no disruption to your life
  • Your house is warmer
  • You are more energy efficient
  • We offer a Guarantee of up to 25 years
  • You may even be eligible for the work to be done for free with the Eco Affordable Warmth Scheme
  • Saves roughly 550 Kg CO2 per year
  • Saves you up to £250 per year

If you would like to know more or would like to book Polyramek Energy to come and take a look at your property please call us now or contact us here…

The infrastructure of a building is vital to how you heat a room or indeed a house. It can have a dramatic effect on our bills because the worse the building is for heat insulation the higher our energy bills are going to be.  Nobody wants high energy bills especially in a large building or any building.  But this is why we focus so heavily on…

  • Cavity Wall
  • Loft Insulation

Because we are a company that is accredited to provide ECO and GDHIF and also DEAC Money greener loans you might not even have to pay a penny to have loft insulation or cavity work done on your walls or maybe qualify for a cash back or a repayment scheme.

Click here to see if you are entitled to free or cash back Loft Insulation and Cavity Wall work to make your home warmer and save on your energy bills.

To keep things into prospective with an uninsulated Cavity Wall you will PAY MORE on your Energy Bills.  Insulated Cavity Walls will means that you can instantly save money and keep a warmer house in those long winter months.

Loft Insulation can have an even greater effect on your energy bills with some estimates of up to £250 per year savings.

Because the work on a loft installation is sometimes a bit easier to do, the work can be carried out at a speedy rate by our Qualified Installers.  Effectively loft installation can be done in one day.  We always check before proceeding with the work as the majority of the homes across England and Wales are not the recommended thickness, which is 270mm for lofts.

Once the insulation is done you can start saving rapidly on your bills.  It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make your home more energy efficient and you could easily save up to £250 per year.

  • Takes a day or less to install
  • Needs no maintenance
  • Keeps your home warm in winter but cool in summer
  • Save up to £250 per year
  • Save on 720 C02 per year

Polyramek Energy can come round to your home and see what work is needed at any time and also to help you find out if you qualify for the ECO or GDHIF.

Materials we use for Loft insulation are also approved by the BBA as the UK’s body for testing the safety of all materials used in Loft Installation.

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