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Energy Companies Obligation – ECO

If you are on Means Tested Benefits, you may be able to get your home heated and insulated for free or with a small contribution.


In simple terms, you can make your home more energy efficient, save money on energy bills and possibly not pay a penny on any work that needs doing to obtain this.  The real question is…do you qualify?

Polyramek Energy deals with customers from all areas of life and everybody says the same thing; they are looking to cut back on their energy bills.  This is one of the principles of Polyramek Energy.   The work we do is to help you save on areas you didn’t know were possible.

We are a family run business who prides ourselves on this, the work we do saves our customers money in the long term.  It is because of this we have won accolades not just in the industry but in the business world such as the Theo Paphitis Small Business Award March 2014 and Green Deal & Eco Award London Regional installer of the year 2014 and 2015

If we don’t stay warm we get cold. We need gas and electric to simple operate as human beings.  Energy is a need not a want; it’s a must have commodity.

The fact that Energy prices are extremely high makes it difficult for us to simply pay the bill which makes life a little bit tricky.  Despite arguments that the government doesn’t do enough to support low income households, they have introduced, ECO.

What this means is, you may well be allowed the opportunity to have £1000’s worth of heating insulation, if you qualify.  This would have the effect of keeping your home warm all year, every year, dramatically cutting your energy bills.

Before we check if you qualify let us first of all see what the Affordable Warmth Obligation is…

ECO is a government backed initiative for landlords and homeowners, that provides heating and insulation measures for people who are on means tested benefits.  So, the elderly, families and vulnerable people whose homes are colder because of poor insulation may be able to get their property insulated or heated for free or with a small contribution

And the work is carried out by our Qualified Team.  This mean’s the work is done faster, the home is insulated quicker, if you qualify.

In a nutshell, you could be entitled to free energy installation that will warm your house from cold winters and at the same time dramatically cut your energy bills.

The only question is do you qualify?

Because if you do, you will be entitled to the work for FREE or with a small contribution!

The criteria is quite simple, you have to check the 3 points below…

  1. Either live in your home or a privately rented one
  2. Receive certain state benefits
  3. Have poorly insulated walls or roof

If you do tick the 3 points above you will be entitled to the Affordable Warmth Obligation and will be able to proceed to have your home insulated.  The government have upgraded the obligations since April 2014.

The three areas of obligation are called CERO, CSCO and HHCRO

  1. Every household in the UK is open to CERO.  CERO aims to fund cavity walls, solid walls and loft insulation.
  2. CSCO is only open to tenants in certain households who live in certain post codes but this is a quarter of all homes in the UK.  CSCO will fund any measure in heating your home.
  3. HHCRO is only open to private sector homeowners and landlords receiving qualifying benefits.  HHCRO differs because it funds heating as well as insulation.

Amount of grant will depend upon an ECO score which is calculated on assessment.  This is calculated on tonnes of carbon for CSCO and CERO but fuel cost saving with HHCRO.

Our role

We are a private sector business that supports the Government’s ECO scheme.  This means that we can put into action any of the following services…

  • Loft Insulation
  • Solid Wall insulation
  • Cavity or walls Insulation
  • Boiler repair or replacement

Please complete the ´Find out more´ form to see if you qualify and find out how your home could be better insulated and heated.