Green Deal FAQs

Who does the service for my boiler?
Any Gassafe certified engineer
Can I get financial help for paying for solid wall insulation?
Subject to eligibility you will be able to claim back up to 75% maximum £6000 via the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund which Polyramek are accredited for. We would confirm this with you before works commenced. We are also set up to offer greener loans via DeacMoney. This can be used to pay for the cost of your installation and can be repaid over a period of up to 5 years with no penalty for increasing payment amounts or for early repayment.
What happens to a CWI installing company if they are found to have broken industry guidelines and codes of practice?
If CIGA registered installers are found to be not adhering to the CIGA Best Practice Guides this would constitute a breach of CIGA rules. The company could then be required to rectify matters and could have their registration revoked. The National Insulation Association (NIA) takes customer service and consumer protection very seriously and has a strict Code of Professional Practice that its members are required to comply with. The NIA takes any alleged breach of the Code of Professional Practice very seriously and has a formal process to fully investigate any claims and associated disciplinary powers which in the extreme case can involve termination of membership. Under the BBA Cavity Wall Insulation Installer Scheme regular site and office inspections monitor whether the installer is following correct practice for the system being installed. Where best practice is not being followed corrective and preventative actions must be taken. Persistent failure to follow correct practice will result in the installer’s certification being suspended or withdrawn
Can water penetrate EPS beads?
The material is resistant to water penetration and will not transmit water across the cavity by capillary action or from below damp proof course level. Any rainwater penetrating the outer leaf will drain harmlessly to the footings. The product is not designed to be a water vapour barrier.
Can water penetrate mineral wool insulation?
The material will not transmit water across the cavity by capillary action or from below damp proof course level. Any rainwater penetrating the outer leaf will drain harmlessly to the footings. The product is not designed to be a water vapour barrier.
I have had my house assessed but I am now concerned that the assessment was not carried out correctly and that my house might not be suitable for CWI. What should I do?
Contact the company that arranged the assessment and explain your concern. But be aware that an experienced assessor can assimilate a lot of information based on knowledge of the locality, the construction practice at the time of build and by inspecting similar properties in the locality. However, every building is different and the level of investigation required will vary, depending on many factors. It is also important that you answered any questions that the assessor asked about the property or its history as accurately and fully as possible.
What is the eligibility criteria for becoming a member of the NIA?
In order for a CWI installer to become a member of the NIA, they must meet strict criteria which includes providing evidence of the following:

  • BBA Accreditation
  • CIGA Registration
  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance (the NIA requires at least £3m)
  • Customer Care Policy

Also all new members are required to supply the NIA with the following documentation:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Financial Statements
The Green Deal will be the biggest home improvement programme since the Second World War” – Greg Barker, MP.From October 2012 the UK Government aim to introduce the UK Green Deal Scheme. The Green Deal Scheme aims to make it possible for millions of homes and businesses to have energy efficient improvements at NO UP FRONT COST TO THEM.The Green Deal Scheme is to enable energy efficiency products to be installed and paid for via your energy bill over a period of time rather than upfront today.GREEN DEAL GOLDEN RULE: Under the UK Green Deal for Homes and Green Deal for Business – all instalments will all have to meet a single key principle: The expected savings must be greater than the cost of work being done – this may be known as the “Green Deal Golden Rule” The Green Deal Scheme will not to be means tested and it is said that any adverse credit history should not be a problem as the Green Deal debt will be attached to your property´s energy bill and not to you or the property. So if you move away from the property the debt stays as a charge on the electricity bill and not as a charge on you and not as a charge on the property.

The Green Deal Scheme aims to enable Green Deal Providers to offer these energy efficiency improvements to you by giving you access to finance. There will be NO UP FRONT COST TO YOU. Pay back for the Green Deal Plan will be recouped by instalments, over 25 years or less, from a charge made on the home or business´s electricity bill. The Green Deal Scheme will enable you to have quality-assured Green Deal advice and work carried out on your property by approved installers by using your Green Deal Finance which will be provided by a Green Deal Provider. The Green Deal Providers will use your Green Deal Finance to pay the Green Deal Installers directly for all improvements.You won´t have to pay for any of the Green Deal work up front. The Green Deal Finance is not like a personal loan – The Green Deal debt will be attached to your property´s electricity bill and not to you or your property. If you move house, repayment for the Green Deal finance will be recouped by a charge on the new occupier´s electricity bill.

After all, the new owner will be benefiting from the work you have had done via your Green Deal. Find out more from Green Deal DECC policy. All Green Deal Scheme work must meet the Green Deal Golden Rule.